FIRST AIRED: February 2, 2019

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president Donald trump's long time political adviser Roger stone back in federal court Friday after a nonstop media blitz not so in a sit down with Reuters stone dismissed the charges by special counsel Robert Muller who alleges stone lied to Congress about interactions with members of trump's twenty sixteen presidential campaign and advance knowledge of plans by wikileaks to release emails that were damaging to Hillary Clinton there are no underlying crimes here of Russian collusion wikileaks collaboration receipt of stolen material %HESITATION No Way evidence that I knew in advance about the source or content either allegedly stolen or allegedly hacked emails so these are all conjured process crimes that allegedly took place in twenty seventeen %HESITATION that said it's the district of Columbia it's a difficult then you %HESITATION you know I certainly face %HESITATION extraordinary an epic fight on Thursday the special counsel said investigators had collected a vast trove of information from stones hard drives emails and iCloud accounts but stone maintained it wouldn't prove he coordinated with wikileaks terabytes of now the mail and now because you know because it's not possible because it's not true stone also denied the claims made by his one time ally Jerome Corsi who said he communicated with stone about the stolen emails and wikileaks plans to release them cattle categorically false it has no evidence to to corroborate it is just didn't happen be I couldn't tell him about a something I did not know about so %HESITATION that is just false stone is the thirty fourth person to be swept up in the Miller probe into Russian interference in the twenty sixteen election and he is one of several trump associates to be charged with lying to investigators he faces seven counts of obstructing the house intelligence committee making false statements to Congress and witness tampering on Tuesday he pleaded not guilty to all of the