FIRST AIRED: February 8, 2019

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with the clock ticking toward another potential government shutdown next week a bipartisan group of lawmakers are scrambling to strike a tentative deal on border security by Friday aiming to leave enough time before the February fifteenth deadline for the house and Senate to vote on the agreement according to The Washington Post negotiators are inching closer with Democrats putting money for border barriers on the table and Republicans on the panel backing down from the five point seven billion dollar figure president trump had demanded for his wall the big unknown whether trump himself would go along his insistence on that amount and the Democrats refusal is what triggered the thirty five day shut down and trump showed no signs of easing his stand Thursday twenty border security we have to have it it's not an option let's see what happens on Thursday house speaker Nancy Pelosi said she was giving Democrats on the committee the room to strike a fair agreement and hope the White House would too I have asked the administration to be as non interventionist as I am on that just let them do their work and hopefully that will get some good news in a short period of time on Wednesday U. S. customs and border protection officials gave a classified briefing to lawmakers one of the seventeen negotiators democratic senator Dick Durbin said the official stressed the need for more technology to secure the border from illegal immigrants and drugs including drones and large scanners at one point several of us on both sides the table said you can't have it all and you can have a tomorrow what's the first thing you want to do what's the highest priority they struggle with that because they didn't want to break with the president but it's clear to me and clear to most of us the highest priority is technology Republican senator Richard Shelby said border experts are suggesting a multi pronged approach for more border patrol agents to high tech devices as well as physical barriers hoping we , from this , create the dynamic to try to bring us together to fund the government to secure the border if no deal is reached trump has said he could shut down the government again or declare a national emergency to build his wall