FIRST AIRED: February 9, 2019

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when Ilan mosque touted its model three sedan as the Tesla for the masses three years ago bands lined up around the block and camped out to put down a thousand dollars to reserve one in July twenty seventeen musk boasted that over half a million buyers were on the list those bullish about the electric car company on Wall Street pointed to the link the waiting list is evidence of a bright future but Reuters reporter Alexandria siege learned exclusively from two sources that the list has been plucked clean for now what this means is that there's nobody left on this reservation list who is willing to buy the cars that are being sold now presumably there is all sorts of demand for a lower price thirty five thousand dollar version of the car that's what was originally promised back into twenty sixteen but right now it has Liz only selling higher priced versions and these these customers anybody who wanted to buy those higher priced has less have already been satisfied trying to lure more drivers test on Tuesday cut the price of its model three a rear wheel drive with a mid range battery by over a thousand dollars to just under forty three grand but that's still far from a cheaper shorter range model three promised for the masses musk says it's possible Tesla will start making them mid year out we're gonna talk about tonight is about a fundamental transformation the success of the model three is crucial to Tesla's hopes of long term profitability Ilan mosque says demand for the model three is insanely high he says says there's no problem with demand the problem he says is affordability that people can't afford to buy the car at the prices %HESITATION for which the cars offered now , but they they they're not offering a lower price car and for now the model threes rolling out of test let's California factory are going to Chinese and European buyers