FIRST AIRED: January 27, 2019

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>> Federal government offices shuttered by a 35-day shutdown are getting ready to reopen this week.>> The shutdown was really traumatic for a lot of people.>> The impasse left roughly a quarter of the government without funding, 800,000 employees furloughed or working without pay, and caused disruptions to air travel, food inspection, tax refunds and more.
>> In the future, I hope that shutdowns like this are avoided.>> And after all that, the White House says President Donald Trump is ready to do it all over again.>> And yeah, I think actually he is.>> The acting White House Chief of Staff on Sunday told CBS News that if Democrats and Republicans cannot reach a deal on border security in the next three weeks, Trump could once again pull the plug on government operations.
>> He's willing to do whatever it takes to secure the border. He does take this very seriously. He doesn't want to shut the government down. Let's make that very clear, he doesn't want to declare a national emergency.>> But it's unclear what other options the President has. His decision to reopen the government on Friday without any agreement from Democrats to fund a border wall was widely seen as a major defeat for Trump on perhaps his most prominent promise.
But the White House says Trump won a key concession from the Democrats, a return to border security talks.>> I think we have a good chance. We're gonna work with the Democrats. We're gonna see. And if we can't do that then, obviously, we're gonna do the emergency.>> As the shutdown dragged on, Republicans increasingly recoiled at the hardship imposed on everyday Americans.
>> So I don't know how any member of the administration or of Congress could think that a shutdown was a worthy pursuit. It never is.>> It's uncertain how much support the President will have from his own caucus if he tries the strategy again.>> Have I not been clear on a wall?
Okay, I have been very clear on the wall.>> And while many Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, remain firmly opposed to building large, new physical barriers on the US-Mexico border, others who might agree to such projects held firm against the President using the shutdown to get his way.
>> Well, if one thing comes out of this three week negotiating, we have a piece of legislation that says we'll never shut down again.>> I'm positive we're probably going to be back here in another three weeks. I have lost faith.>> Some furloughed workers will begin to receive back pay this week.
But for many who went a month without a salary, the pain will remain sharp and the worry will continue.