FIRST AIRED: February 4, 2019

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nine European nations including France Britain Germany and Spain threw their support behind the opposition leader Monday after presidents Nicolas Maduro ignored a deadline set by E. U. countries to call new elections , we don't accept ultimatums from anyone who I know who leads the National Assembly declared himself interim leader last month a move that was immediately supported by the U. S. while the Europeans chose to tread cautiously afraid that any backing could set an example for other opposition leaders around the world meanwhile the US is still ramping up pressure with president Donald Trump saying he would not rule out military intervention in the country what would make you use the US military Venezuela what's the number here say that but certainly it's something that's on the %HESITATION it's an option the US has also sanctioned event as well lifeline the state owned oil firm benefits stop raising the risk of disruptions to global oil supply that's because the price of oil to jump to nearly sixty four dollars Monday a twenty nineteen high