FIRST AIRED: February 6, 2019

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madam speaker , Mister vice president , it's called the state of the union what it is political theater it's one nine Washington where everyone gets together and sort of works through kind of the fantasy that there are big ticket items that Democrats Republicans can work on together we must reject , the politics of revenge and embrace the boundless potential of cooperation I'm James often political correspondent for Reuters and after the speech both sides a wake up this morning and realize how little common ground exists between the two of them and they'll simply go about their business like the speech never happened look in some circles the president's probably gonna get high marks for talking up some lofty bi partisan goals such as during childhood cancer or a doing away with the H. I. V. epidemic or criminal justice reform but if you really strip away the veneer of this speech what you really have is a pretty standard issue trump campaign rally he was making his case to the American public for the wall for a harsh approach toward illegal immigration we have a moral duty to create an immigration system that protects the lives in jobs of our citizens are toward rethinking global trade and to an America first foreign policy these are the same themes that powered his twenty sixteen presidential campaign and they're the exact same themes are going to animate his reelection bid on one hand it's very easy for Donald Trump to say I'd like to do acts and I'd like to do why and be my partner the same time we all know coming off a month long government shut down were both sides were dug in over the border wall this powerful barrier the any kind of compromise on a large scale is likely going to be impossible why don't forget you know I'm one level trump is is talking about working with Democrats but is also warning them is saying Hey back off don't investigate my administration if you do I'm not going to play ball with you whatsoever if there is going to be peace and legislation there cannot be war and investigation and nothing in Washington is going to be different in fact trump is going to be cranking up his reelection effort we see new Democrats joining %HESITATION the presidential field all , all the time and had the battle lines have been drawn this is just an evening where everyone sort of can be like forgets about it