FIRST AIRED: February 5, 2019

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president Donald Trump on Monday said he would nominate former energy lobbyist in Washington insider David Byrne hard to be secretary of the interior the department that oversees US public lands and parks , earn heart who is currently the acting secretary at the interior department would replace Brian's inky who left in late two thousand eighteen amid multiple ethics probes burn hard is widely expected to continue pushing trumps agenda to boost domestic fossil fuel production by opening more U. S. public lands to drilling and mining burn hard knows his way around Washington as a former Capitol Hill staffer who served under George W. bush he'd be in charge of managing more than twenty percent of U. S. land surface as trump aims to boost US energy dominance Timothy Gardner has been following this story for Reuters is not going to be coming in riding a horse as think he did in his first days %HESITATION David Byrne hard is a long time Washington insider he worked for %HESITATION George W. bush and interior for most of the two thousand and then he worked as a lot %HESITATION lawyer and lobbyist after that on many of these issues that he will be overseeing if he gets confirmed by the Senate critics fear he'll roll back Obama era protections some of the biggest fear is that Bernhardt's %HESITATION critics have is that he will %HESITATION advance exploration in Alaska's arctic national wildlife preserve and he will %HESITATION open up leasing on on lands for coal for natural gas for oil burn hard is the latest former lobbyist to be named by trump after he nominated former coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler to replace Scott Pruett as head of the environmental protection agency , %HESITATION it was pushed out I made his own cloud of alleged ethical violations so