FIRST AIRED: February 5, 2019

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it may be the year of the pig but these boards are unwelcome guests at the Sunday barbecue scenes like this are becoming increasingly common in Hong Kong as it's wild boar population strays closer to the city for some they're a symbol of good fortune especially with the arrival of the Chinese lunar year and choose day celebrating the year of the pig but for other is there a sign of potential danger I'm just on manta reporting from Reuters inside one of Hong Kong's country parks wild boars are commonly spotted in country parks like these but recently people had taken to feeding the animals and as a result the boards are drawing closer to human populated areas such as barbeque sites it's also leading to an increased number of sightings of wild boars in the city streets amateur footage obtained by Reuters showed the pigs roaming around the city the animals have been seen in places like shopping malls even an airport runway they've also been known to charge down hikers the number of complaints about the wild pigs have doubled since twenty thirteen to about seven hundred and twenty seventeen including attacks , I think we need to revisit what used to be done before which were selectively shooting things local officials have refused to read aloud the hunting of the boards after it was suspended in twenty seventeen of following an outcry by animal rights groups they say there is a clear solution stop feeding the animals open you're hungry ate most of the Hong Kong wild boars at this point have already lost their fear of humans the cause is that a lot of them are giving them food to eat which causes them to lose their natural feeding instincts and this makes them rely on humans local officials have said they would take further measures to deal with the issue including relocation contraception or fitting the boards with GPS trackers in the worst case scenario though they may opt to put the animals down altogether