FIRST AIRED: February 6, 2019

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after decades of allegedly trafficking billions of dollars worth of drugs around the world and escaping from to maximum security jails Mexico's most notorious drug lord Joaquin el Chapo goose mine now faces the possibility of life in a US prison jurors will continue deliberations Tuesday on the ten criminal counts goose mod faces in New York capping off an eleven week criminal trial that presented some gruesome witness testimony whose money is accused of running one of the world's most infamous drug cartels writers correspondent Brendan Pearson is following the story I think in a case like this the best outcome the defense would be hoping for would be a hung jury and then there would be a mis trial and %HESITATION they'd have to try it again prosecutors say goose mon traffic that tons of cocaine heroin and marijuana into the United States over more than two decades cementing his power in Mexico through murders and wars with rival cartels the defense argues cues one was set up as a fall guy by a Mexican drug kingpin who remains at large the Sinaloa cartel allegedly turned Mexico see you dot who are as and wave a Laredo into two of the world's most dangerous cities the most interesting thing that comes that has come out has been sort of a look at the inner workings of the similar cartel in Mexico's drug trade we sort of seen the really remarkable sophistication of the cartel at almost resembling a multinational corporation with detailed account books with the secret communication system using encrypted computer servers %HESITATION with fleets of cleans and submarines having escaped prison in two thousand one Mexican soldiers in U. S. agents tried tirelessly for years to recapture goos mon he was eventually imprisoned again in two thousand fourteen but pulled off a stunning escape the following year when he disappeared into a , title dug into his maximum security prison cell , this model was recaptured in two thousand sixteen after a shoot out in Sinaloa and extradited to the United States in January twenty seventeen where he was put on trial now a jury of seven women and five men will decide his fate