FIRST AIRED: February 7, 2019

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it certainly didn't seem like the warmest welcome Britain's prime minister arrived in Brussels on Thursday to plead with European Union leaders to change the brexit divorce deal she seals last year despite the block repeatedly insisting it white to reopen negotiations on , the visible frosting this and cool handshake hardly surprising off to the E. U. summit chat refused to mince his words on Wednesday I've been wondering what the special place , in her looks like for those who promoted by feet , without even a sketch of a plan how to carry , a few a blunt display of frustration in Brussels that drew condemnation for many in Britain they're just fifty days to go until person could leave the E. U. without smashes in place to keep trade flowing free lady Theresa may's original agreements was rejected by the biggest majority in most in British history last month the main stumbling block is the northern Irish backstop an insurance policy to avoid a heart who said that requires some E. U. rules to operate in the British ruled province unless another way can be agreed the PM told the ministers on Tuesday she would ensure that the country could not speak traps indefinitely in the backstop U. K. opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn claims to have a plan to avoid an ideal scenario to reject the no jail option on Wednesday he really celesta setting out five conditions for labor to support a deal points the team played a prominent and comprehensive U. K. white customs union which may has ruled out Mabel retentive parliaments next week for another debates with a crunch vote on approving the brexit deal is likely to come later in the month before arriving in Brussels may acknowledge to toss would not be easy a government source said they don't expect to break through on Thursday regardless she'll do all in her power to convince her easy part as to what urgently together to get the deal over the line