FIRST AIRED: January 22, 2019

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>> Fund the FBI now.>> A dire warning from the FBI Agents Association, Tuesday. The government shutdown, now the longest ever is threatening critical law enforcement operations. That's according to a report released by the association on Tuesday that gives first hand a anonymous accounts from federal agents.>> From an agent in the Western US, quote, as a joint pairs on task force coordinator, the inability to pay confidential human sources has had a detrimental effect on our investigations and operations.
>> Also in Tuesdays report, worries about morale and the financial strain the shutdown is putting on agents.>> Realistically, FBI agents should not have to go work at a store stocking shelves, because they can't feed their families on their government job. They're still working 50 plus hours a week.
So when are they gonna find time to go get that second job? It's ridiculous.>> Also taking a major hit, the US Transportation and Security Administration or TSA. The agency said, many employees who are not being paid, because of the shutdown are not reporting to work, because of financial hardships.
Unscheduled absences among US Airport Security Officers rose to a record 10% on Sunday. And even though the number dipped to 7.5% on Monday, it's still much higher than average. Many federal employees are turning to unemployment assistance, food banks and other support as the shutdown enters its second month.