FIRST AIRED: February 4, 2019

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on any given day , teasers are often seen by police as non lethal weapons , but it made a steady stream of deaths following taser shocks some US communities are rethinking their policies on how and when police should use the weapons , a Reuters investigation found that at least forty nine people died in two thousand eighteen after being tasered by police the third straight year with no significant decline in all Reuters has documented at least one thousand eighty one cases in which people have died after keys are shocked , almost all since the early two thousands when the weapons began coming into widespread use , in many of the cases the taser was used in conjunction with other physical force or restraints , what is more police departments become aware of the risks a growing number are reassessing their tastes are you , reporter Tim Reid is on the story in San Mateo county California the sheriff's department and county officials are re evaluating that teza policies of the three men died following shocks with the weapon all three had a history of mental illness I'm on on and in Los Angeles county the sheriff's department has drafted new taser guidelines that would restrict the weapons use a person inside the department said those new draft guidelines are awaiting final approval , the Cincinnati police department is also reviewing its tastes are policy after an officer shocked an eleven year old girl last year he was afraid he was gonna bodies the art from the axon enterprise the company that manufactures taser says most deaths associated with the weapons use our result of drug use underlying physiological conditions or other force used with the taser , most independent researchers who have studied taser say deaths are rare when used properly , but in a series of stories in two thousand seventeen Reuters found many police officers are not trained properly on the risks of sleep and miss use is widespread %HESITATION , %HESITATION