FIRST AIRED: January 27, 2019

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> On Saturday, several European nations including France and Spain issued Maduro a deadline.
>> The humanitarian situation demands action now.>> Early on Saturday, the political showdown unfolded at the United Nations, with the US calling a meeting of the Security Council and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urging member states to pick a side on Venezuela.>> No more delays, no more games.
>> The two choices, President Nicolas Maduro, who global leaders and many Venezuelan's have called a dictator.
e other option, Juan Guaido, the head of Venezuela's opposition led Congress who declared himself interim president this week.>>
Call an election within eight days or we will recognize Guaido as interim president in charge of calling these elections.>>
Guaido celebrated the support of European countries and asked them to send humanitarian aid to help relieve the economic crisis. But some countries are still standing by Maduro, including China and Russia, whose ambassador objected to any, quote, external interference in Venezuelan politics.
Venezuela's Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza also fired back at the US.>> Is Venezuela Donald Trump's war trophy? We are not gonna hand Donald Trump a war in Venezuela.>> Washington has signaled it was ready to step up economic measures to try to drive Maduro from power. But on Saturday, Pompeo declined to elaborate on any such plan.
>> Leave with Maduro and his