FIRST AIRED: January 28, 2019

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>> Catalan's superstar chef, Ferran Adria, is re-opening his world famous elBulli restaurant. But big spending diners are set to be very disappointed, because this time instead of serving fancy meals, elBulli will operate as a food laboratory. Adria, appearing at a gastronomic event in Madrid, said he wanted to make Spain a leading influencer in the culinary world.
>> The focus is not to create dishes, although we might do that as well. The focus is to help and reflect on the best of the content and the knowledge in my sector, which is a restaurant business. That's our mission. We have to help those who create.>> The original three-michellin starred restaurant was considered the world's best several years in row, but it struggled to turn a profit and closed in 2011.
The business had been kept afloat by merchandising deals. The new venture will be called elBulli 1846, a tribute to the so called king of chefs, chef de kings, August Escoffier who was born in 1846 and revolutionized french haute cuisine in the late 1800s. Adria achieved a similar feat with his molecular gastronomy and mixing of unusual textures and flavors.
elBulli 1846 has received an investment of around 10 million Euros. Its doors are due to open in February 2020 in the same cove in Northeastern Spain as the original restaurant.