FIRST AIRED: January 28, 2019

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>> Warring troops in Yemen are falling further behind on their promise to withdraw from the lifeline port of Hodeida. As aid agencies warn the world's worst humanitarian crisis is deteriorating. Hodeida's the main entry point for aid in commercial imports, it's controlled by the Iran-aligned Houthis. While soldiers of a Saudi-led coalition amassed on its outskirts.
The two sides disagree about who should control the port. And neither has implemented a troop withdrawal that was meant to take place on January the 7th. The United Nations is now urging both sides to stick to the agreement, while admitting that the deadline had been ambitious. But that to break it would be to fail the people of Yemen, where 14 million people are on the brink of famine.
> The warning comes as more than a dozen aid agencies met in London to talk about action.
Their message was clear, the millions of suffering Yemenis need more than food.>> I think we need to be very clear that we need a political solution to this conflict.>> The truce that should have seen troops pull out was agreed in Stockholm in December. It was the first political breakthrough in a four year stalemate between Saudi backed government forces and their Houthi opposition.
Half of Yemen's population is totally dependent on external aid for survival, much of which comes through Hodeida.