FIRST AIRED: February 6, 2019

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I've been wondering what the special place , in her looks like for those who promoted by feet , without even a sketch of a plan how to carry , a few unusually harsh words from the E. U.'s Donald to speak who also said Wednesday he no longer believes is a way to stop Britain leaving the European Union blaming what he called the price breaks it down both prime minister Theresa may and the U. K. opposition leader I want to put just fifty days to go until Britain's due to leave the best hope is to salvage a deal to arrange an orderly withdrawal road to success a downbeat assessment for a man who has in the past encourage the hopes of those Britons who want to stop brexit U. K. lawmakers trust maze deal in January and she since been scrambling for a compromise she will try to tweak the deal with you officials in Brussels on Thursday that they so far say they would really put an agreement they toil day for for two years before that a visit to the British ruled province of Northern Ireland to try to thrash out alternatives to the backstop a fullback plan that is the key brexit sticking point if enacted person would keep some E. U. rules so that wouldn't have to be customs checks on its land border with E. U. member island unionists said again Wednesday they want the backstop changed to be replaced they favorite would endanger northern Ireland's place in the U. K. brexit is also hate the prospect of keeping E. U. rules and some a pressuring may to give the backstop a time limit but islands Leo Varadkar in Brussels when state showed no signs of dropping his insistence that it has to be open ended deal possible their fears any harder Irish border could be a flash point reigniting decades of conflict that