FIRST AIRED: February 2, 2019

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a special police action force in Venezuela conducted several deadly raids in the slums of Caracas last week sewing fear among residents Reuters has learned that dozens of police officers from the elite unit known as fires stormed through hillside homes firing into windows in an attempt to quash any signs of rebellion against embattled president Nicolas Maduro and punish those that might have taken part in recent demonstrations against the government the military style rates were documented by residents on Twitter but Reuters could not verify the authenticity of the videos Angus Berwick is in Caracas for Reuters on the other side of the hill behind me is is a neighborhood colds was if anything even , on on that on the twenty fourth of January the day off the huge anti government launches here , %HESITATION the special police unit the flies conducted the raid on the neighborhood and and over the course of the of the day killed as many as ten people the people that were largely on on the floor the protests residents said pickup truck mounted with speakers drool through who's the Philly X. three of us broadcasting a message if you protest to Morrow there will be consequences the took little heed thousands descended from their shanty homes to join the demonstrations showing their support for interim chief and opposition leader one why does the next day they were punished Berwick spoke to the family of one victim killed in the raid and the %HESITATION for the man Fernandez specifics in motorbikes just off the main streets , and according to his family and another witness the offices than trying to mean to a side alley and shot him twice in the chest killing him the twenty seven year-old's mother is still in shock had only seen has my sister's his wife and the kids went down to see what was happening and then they heard gunshots and gunshots and they left , over the next three days the fires returned each afternoon trying to silence a poor community once a bastion of support for my doodle and his predecessor the late Hugo Chavez but five years of economic strife have turned many against him the fights in a post on Thursday on their official Instagram account said recent reports about their activities were fake news spread by the right wing opposition that as well as information ministry which handles media enquiries did not respond to requests for comment