FIRST AIRED: February 6, 2019

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for years he's been prevented from entering the United States due to allegations of corruption , so why was this Nigerian presidential candidate at the trump international hotel last month I mean the Solomon in Washington which recently played host to a whirlwind visit by Atiku Abubakar a leading challenger in the upcoming Nigerian election he met with top U. S. diplomat some lawmakers and held a rally here at the trump international hotel his supporters are seen as a major triumph they say the fact that the ticket was allowed in the United States at all is proof that these long standing allegations of corruption against him have no merit what so ever no multiple sources say it was only allowed in the country on a temporary basis because it would be seen as meddling in the Nigerian election if the United States kept him out of the country that factor apparently out we any concerns about his checkered past Atiku is challenging Nigerian president Mahamadou Buhari in the February sixteenth election it's an honor to be with president for Hari of Nigeria TQ says he'd boost the economy and encourage foreign investment as a policy %HESITATION we want to have %HESITATION less you know government involvement %HESITATION as far as business is concerned but some Nigerians question whether he's the best choice in a country where graft is a major problem a teacher was a central figure in the corruption trial of former US congressman William Jefferson who is found guilty in two thousand nine for soliciting bribes to expand a tech company Nigeria the FBI found ninety thousand dollars in Jefferson's freezer that money allegedly earmarked for TQ Atiku does not face criminal charges in the United States his spokesman said the allegations have already been addressed in declined further comment like a parade of other foreign leaders TQ stayed here at the trump international hotel and that raises red flags for ethics experts who say it's a way for foreign leaders to curry favor with the president and may violated anti corruption clause in the U. S. constitution I spoke with several of it to his supporters who helped arrange the trip they say that they didn't pick the trump hotel , because they're trying to curry favor the president but rather because they got a good rate at the last minute