FIRST AIRED: January 31, 2019

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>> Styles, bringing a breath of Paris to a truly English setting.>> Legendary French fashion designer Christian Dior, who had a love affair with Britain, will have his headline creations exhibited in London next month. With more than 500 items on display, worn by royals and celebrities alike, the Christian Dior, Designer of Dreams exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum will take a close look at the powerhouse behind the brand, and the history of his legacy that he founded in 1946.
The outfits on display, Dior's signature bar suit, a sculpted off-white jacket cinched at the waist and a black pleated skirt. The 1947 design, nicknamed The New Look, revolutionized women's wear and swept away old boxy fashions of war time, says Fashion and Textile Curator at the V&A Oriole Cullen.
With London as the backdrop, his romance with Britain is also on display.>> In the Dior in Britain section, we look at Dior's love affair with Britain. He was a self confessed anglophile and he writes about this in his autobiography. And sort of says how much he enjoys seeing British women in their tweeds and their ball gowns.
So it's a very romantic view of Britain.>> One of his most iconic pieces is Princess Margaret's 21st birthday dress.>> And probably the most famous was, of course, Princess Margaret who really sort of personified glamor in the post-war period. And again, Dior also writes about how the public were obsessed with her because she really was a symbol of youth and hope in the future and she was a great client of Dior's.
>> Dior died in 1957 at the age of 52. Other creative designers took over Christian Dior. The designers never forgetting the man who started it all.>> The lovely thing is to see how different these designers are, but how they always reference back to the heart of Dior.
>> The display, which is the Victoria and Albert Museum's second largest fashion exhibition, opens its doors to Dior fans on February 2nd.