FIRST AIRED: January 28, 2019

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>> The UK Prime Minister is under mounting pressure to ditch the Irish backstop with two months to go until Brexit D-Day. The former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said she'll have the full-throated support of the nation if she renegotiates it with the EU. Writing in the Telegraph newspaper on Monday, the pro-Brexit conservative lawmaker says if May gets the Freedom Clause from the backstop she's reportedly seeking, it will be unadulterated good Brexit news for Britain.
e backstop's designed to make sure there's no return of a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland if no deal's in place by the end of the transition period. That means no checkpoints, no border posts, no barriers. But at the cost of the UK staying in the EU customs union during that time without any power in its decision making and with northern Ireland having to stick to more EU trading rules.
A cost many lawmakers say is too great, despite Ireland's insistence it won't accept any changes to the backstop. The EU too, with its deputy chief negotiator repeating on Monday that the bloc won't be negotiating on the divorce deal. It's one of the main reasons MPs rejected May's deal in Parliament earlier this month.
>> The noes have it, the noes have it.>> And the focus of a number of the amendments to the deal they've tabled since that vote. They'll also include efforts to delay the UK's exit date past March the 29th. Those amendments will be voted on in Parliament on Tuesday.
And if one's passed, it could be the lifeline May's deal needs to get through itself.