FIRST AIRED: July 25, 2018

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>> Dozens of people remain missing after wildfire ripped through a Greek town overnight Monday. At least 80 people were killed in the blaze, and about 200 injured. Survivors have been left sifting through the rubble, the ordeal far from over. Reuters' Deborah Kyvrikosaios is at the scene of the tragedy, where rescuers are searching the ruins.
>> Nobody really knows how many people are missing. Families got separated when they were fleeing the flames, when they were evacuating the seaside with boats. Rescue workers have been going house to house looking for missing people. They say they are constantly approached by relatives who have been saying to them, can you please find my father, my sister, I need help in finding them.
>> The fire broke out in the small community of Mati, just to the east of Athens, and spread rapidly. It's still unclear what caused it, but some suggested the sheer force of winds, thick pine, fire, and panic was a deadly combination. Hundreds of people were trapped as the flames whipped around them.
Some rushed to the coast, jumping in the sea to survive.>> We keep putting our heads into the sea in an effort not to breathe in the smoke, because the pine trees surrounding the beach were on fire, and pieces on fire were falling into the water.>> Others, though, died from suffocation, either in their cars or trapped on the edge of steep cliffs.
I took my baby and run towards the sea while my wife, I didn't know what happened. I think he bring herself here.>> Families were found with children clasped in a last embrace as they tried to flee the fire. Emergency crews discovered one group of 26 victims, some children lying close together.
It seems they've been trying to find an escape route. Mati is a popular spot for Greek holiday-makers, particularly for pensioners and children attending summer camps. While the fire is now mostly contained, it's at risk of being reignited by Greece's searing summer heat.