FIRST AIRED: July 25, 2018

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>> Scientists say they have found a lake below the surface of Mars. At a news conference in Roman, Wednesday, researcher Roberto Orosei said the discovery came after the Europeans Space Agency's Mars Express spacecraft detected a reflection coming from the planet.>> We came thus to the conclusion that the only possible explanation for the bright affection was the presence of liquid water.
>> The first stable body of liquid water ever found on Mars. It's a reservoir about a mile beneath the ice on the red planet's southern polar plain. And the scientists say it could conceivably contain microbial life. I mean, there are all the ingredients for thinking that life can be there or can be maintained there.
>> Instruments onboard the spacecraft found the lake by transmitting radar pulses that penetrated the Martian surface and ice caps. Those pulses reveal a radar profile similar to that of subglacial lakes found beneath Earth's Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets. It's a groundbreaking discovery, but researchers say it could take years to find any signs of life in the water.
They say it would likely take a future mission drilling through the ice and taking samples, before there be any possibility of answering one of the great questions of science. Whether life exists beyond Earth?