FIRST AIRED: August 6, 2018

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>> What I'm doing is trolling the media like I always do.>> US conspirasy theorist Alex Jones wiped from major social media sites Monday. The founder of Infowars, who clamed the Sandy Hook mascre was faked by Left-wing forces in order to promote gun control, no longer on Apple, YouTube, Spotify, or Facebook.
This sweeping move coming just weeks after Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg was grilled about his site's content policies, and suffered public backlash after failing to condemn holocaust deniers who post on Facebook. Reuters tech correspondent Steven Nellis notes the interesting timing of that interview and Jones' removal Monday.>> His unprompted defense of leaving that content from Holocaust deniers up came right after a question about a fake narrative about the Sandy Hook elementary school shootings not being true that is mostly been promoted by Infowars itself.
>> With eight US intelligence groups confirming that Russia meddled in the 2016 election, and Facebook recently confessing to finding bad actors on its platform out to influence the upcoming midterm elections, tech companies are in the hot seat when it comes to taking a harder line on their content.
>> Tech companies seem to be more sensitive about taking down content as the US midterm elections approach. In the past, these companies have been pretty cautious about not wanting to look like they were putting a thumb on the scales and taking the liberal side or taking the conservative side, to the extent that they were very reluctant to take down content unless it was a clear violation of the rules.
>> As for Jones, he is facing several lawsuits for defamation, including one from parents of Sandy Hook victim Noah Posner who say they have been the subject of harassment due to his programs.