FIRST AIRED: July 24, 2018

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Government or garments. Ivanka Trump has made her decision, and she's choosing politics over fashion. The President's daughter announcing through a spokesperson, Tuesday, that she is winding down her namesake brand and doesn't know when or if she will return to the business. Reuters' Washington correspondent, Ginger Gibson, has more.
>> It's impossible to separate the political from the business decisions, when it comes to Ivanka's clothing line. They've become intricately tied together. The timing is one likely of practicality. She's been doing this for over a year. We know that her label has suffered losses. We know that the entire Trump empire has suffered some losses in certain places, because of people not wanting to buy brands associated with the family, and it likely was one of those decisions made both politically and business focused.
>> Last year, after upscale retailer Nordstrom dropped the first daughter's label, sighting steadily declining sales, Trump bashed the department store, saying it was treating his daughter unfairly. And White House advisor, Kelley Ann Conway, ruffled feathers even more, when she went on TV and urged Trump supporters to counter the protest by buying Ivanka's fashion products.
But White House endorsements haven't seem to work, the Trump brand, not going down well in many parts of middle America. Mainstream retailers, like Sears, Kmart, T.J. Maxx, and Marshalls, have dropped Ivanka's products or downplayed prominence within store aisles.