FIRST AIRED: July 24, 2018

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>> Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh making the rounds on Capitol Hill, visiting Senators who will decide whether he gets a lifetime seat on the high court. But most Democrats are keeping their doors closed. I'm Andy Sullivan in Washington, where the debate over Kavanaugh is turning into a debate over President Donald Trump.
Democrats are worried that Kavanaugh would give the president too much power to quash legal challenges. A crucial issue as Robert Mueller continues to probe Trump's ties to Russia. Democrats are refusing to meet with Kavanaugh until they get access to more of his judicial paper trail. And they're seizing on comments he made back in 1999, when he questioned a landmark Supreme Court decision that forced President Nixon to hand over White House tapes during Watergate.
>> There's a lot we don't know about Judge Kavanaugh.>> Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer's pressing for access to troves of documents. Kavanaugh amassed a long paper record as an appeals court judge and White House staffer for Republican President George W Bush. He's turned over more than 6,000 pages of documents so far, but Democrats want to see more.
>> The one that's still amazing to me. Judge Kavanaugh suggested a president can ignore a statute he deems, his words, unconstitutional, even if a court ruled it was constitutional. That's like a king, not a president.>> Schumer and others asking whether Kavanaugh supports unchecked presidential power. Democrats face an uphill fight as they try to stop Kavanaugh from sitting on the nation's top bench.
But by talking about executive power, rather than hot button issues like abortion, they're bending the debate back towards Trump, and whether Kavanaugh would serve as his enabler. That's a debate they are eager to have.