FIRST AIRED: July 31, 2018

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>> White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly, will stay on the job until 2020, a source tells Reuters. Setting him up to be one of President Donald Trump's most long-lasting staffers. Earlier Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal reported Kelly told White House staffers that Trump had asked him to stay on, and he had agreed.
This comes after months of expectation that Kelly was nearing an exit after clashing with the unpredictable Trump. Whose proclivity for off the cuff statements has left Kelly often looking stunned and surprised in the background. White House correspondent, James Ulifont.>> This perhaps sends a signal that there will be some stability to this White House, going through the midterms, and heading toward Trump's re-election campaign which is closer than you would think.
There have been some speculation, in fact, that Kelly would leave in advance of the midterms. And perhaps that Trump and some other people around the president wanted a more political person in the job, someone more mindful of the map and the message. Kelly seems to have swayed the fears in the West Wing about that.
And perhaps he's also figured out a way to give the president a little more space.>> The report comes almost exactly a year after Kelly took over the job from Reince Priebus. One of a flurry of sudden staff changes in the administration last summer. While Kelly's position seems stable for the moment, Trump does still reportedly have a short list for his replacement.
That includes Nick Ayers, the Chief of Staff for Vice President Mike Pence and former congressman Mick Mulvaney, who currently runs the Office of Management and Budget.