FIRST AIRED: July 30, 2018

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>> Enough is enough. These are the weapons that I needed when I was fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now they're tearing our communities apart.>> After decades of avoiding the topic of gun control on the campaign trail, an increasing number of congressional candidates, like former serviceman Jason Crow of Colorado, are embracing the issue despite the political risks.
Reuters' correspondent Tim Reid reported the story from Cincinnati.>> In most election cycles for the past 20 or 25 years, Democrats have pretty much shied away from the issue of guns. Cuz they don’t believe it was a vote winner, they were worried about alienating the powerful and very wealthy National Rifle Association or NRA, but not this year.
>> A Reuters' analysis found dozens of Democrats in hotly contested congressional races have taken on the issue of guns, compared to just a handful two years ago. But instead of lobbying for gun control outright, Democrats are rebranding it as gun safety, acknowledging basic gun rights, but favoring limits.
>> Like universal background checks for gun purchases.>> Ohio Democrat Aftab Pureval, who is challenging a long-time Republican, is endorsed by former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords->>
>> A leading advocate of gun safety.>> And I passionately believe there are common sense things that we can do to mitigate the senseless gun violence that has become an epidemic in our country.
>> Support for firearm restrictions has been steadily climbing. Now 68% of Americans say they support strong or moderate gun control. The debate further fueled by a spate of school shootings, and a national student movement led by survivors of the Parkland Massacre.>> No more guns.>> Still, the NRA easily outspent gun control groups in the last midterm elections.
>> Donald Trump.>> And this year, they're on track to do it again.>> Hillary Clinton wants to abolish the Second Amendment