FIRST AIRED: August 2, 2018

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>> Back when I bought Apple, nobody had a computer.>> Donna Fenn doesn't claim to be a stock picking wizard. She just lucked out on a stock tip to buy a little tech company called Apple back in 1985, using cash from a small car insurance settlement and she's owned Apple stock ever since.
During that time, Apple shares have surged 50,000%, becoming the first company in history to reach a $1 trillion valuation on the stock market.>> I loved watching it go up and up and up and it's not that it makes me feel rich, it just kinda makes me feel like Geez I wonder if I could be one of those 85 year old ladies, who says I bought Apple stock when I was 25 years old and I still have it.
And now I can put my grandchildren through college, I don't know.>> Fenn, who lives outside of New York City with her family, has a few business books to her name but she's shy about sharing the size and worth of her Apple holdings and never doles out investment tips.
>> I never give anybody advice on what stock to buy. I am not a professional.>> She checks in on Apple stock price everyday using her iPhone, ironically an old iPhone.>> I am the Apple fan girl who waits until the new product comes out and then buys a previous version of the discounted price, so.
But my iPhone is an iPhone 6 and I will probably keep until it just dies one day.>> Spooked by the financial crisis, she sold one-third of her stake back in 2009 and has been tempted to push the sell button again a few other times but resisted.>> When Steve Jobs died, I was worried.
I thought, boy, maybe this is the end of an era. And then you hear all the time, it's not a growth stock anymore. And yet it continues to grow. And I think that Tim Cook has done a great job of continuing Steve Job's legacy.>> Apple is still the largest holding in her portfolio.
And with the stock up 22% this year, hitting a record above $207 a share.>> Will I pull the trigger? I may. It's like my first love, right? How can I let it go? I can't let all of it go I don't think.