FIRST AIRED: July 30, 2018

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>> So here we are.>> They're out to save the universe and their own director. The cast of Guardians of the Galaxy posting an open letter in praise of James Gunn, Monday, hoping Disney will reinstate him as director of the third film of the blockbuster franchise. Gunn was fired more than a week ago over offensive tweets most posted roughly a decade ago.
He is also a frequent Trump critic. Gunn's tweets, some joking about pedophilia and rape were unearthed recently by outright personalities. The supportive cast letter a rare turnabout amid the me too and times up era. Posted on social media and signed by Guardian Star's, Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana, and Vin Diesel among others.
It expresses shock and guns firing saying the director processes, quote, a heart we all know, trust, and love. Gunn has since apologized for his remarks in a series of fresh tweets saying, I used to make a lot of offensive jokes. I don't anymore. I don't blame my past self for this, but I like myself more and feel like a more full human being and creator today.
While the cast members said that Gunn will not be the last good person to be put on trial in the court of public opinion. They do warn, quote, of the enormous responsibility we have to ourselves and each other regarding the use of our words when we etch them in digital stone.
Gunn guided the first two Guardians of The Galaxy films to massive critical and box office success. Together grossing more than $1 billion world wide.