FIRST AIRED: July 31, 2018

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>> I had a great meeting with President Putin of Russia, I think it was a great meeting.>> President Trump this week still talking about his meeting with the Russian President. But he's been conspicuously mum about a different meeting. The one where his son and other Trump campaign members met with Russians about handing over dirt on Hilary Clinton.
Trump's embattled former personal lawyer claimed the President knew about that meeting. Trump has consistently denied knowing about it. Reuters legal correspondent, Yan Wolf.>> If it's proven conclusively that the President did know about the meeting in advance. It does raise questions about the truthfulness of his son, Donald Trump, Jr.'s testimony to Congress.
Perjury prosecution is based on testimony before Congress are historically extremely rare. But at the very least, I think you'll see members of Congress vocalizing some real concern about his testimony.>> In a tweet on Tuesday, Trump said, collusion is not a crime, legal experts say it's not that simple.
>> The fact that Guiliani's making these comments, collusion is not a crime, is notable in and of itself. The President's mantra all along has been, no collusion, no collusion. So some have said this represents a bit of a shifting of the goal posts. Rudy Guiliani is technically correct that collusion is not a federal crime.
But conspiracy is, and that's really just collusion by a different name. The act of colluding with a foreign national to swing an election would give rise to criminal legal liability in a number of different ways. That Bob Mueller could be investigating as potential crimes.>> In a series of tweets on Sunday, days after the Cohen claim.
Trump blasted the special counsel's investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 election. This time calling Robert Mueller out by name, and calling the probe an illegal scam.