FIRST AIRED: July 27, 2018

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>> A US pastor is caught in the middle of a new Turkey/US crisis. Earlier this week, Andrew Brunson was moved from a Turkish jail to house arrest. US President Donald Trump warned Washington could impose sanctions unless he was set free immediately. That threat has been been dismissed by Ankara.
In a rumored deal, Israel said Friday that Trump had asked it to release a Turkish woman accused of ties to Hamas. Ankara denies they ever agreed to free the detained pastor on trial for terrorism charges in return. It's all about a lot more than Brunson, says Reuters Turkey bureau chief Dominic Evans.
>> The underlying tensions between these countries go back to differences over Syria, differences over Iran, a number of court cases in the United States and here in Turkey. And concerns in the United States about President Erdoğan himself and his growing power in Turkey. So there are several inter-locking issues that have been at the heart of this crisis between Turkey and the United States.
>> The two NATO allies have been locked in rolling standoffs for years, with officials from both sides always describing themselves as the wronged party. And fresh disputes loom over Iran. Trump who has pulled the US out of an international nuclear accord with Tehran is calling for sanctions against the Islamic Republic.
But Turkey buys much of it's oil imports from Iran and says Washington can not dictate trade terms for other countries. Meanwhile Brunson is due back in court in October, his fate still unknown.