FIRST AIRED: July 25, 2018

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Did he tell you whether or not what happened in those two hours?>> Yes, and the predicate of your question implied some notion that there was something improper about having a one on one meeting. I completely disagree with the premise of the question.>> I didn't ask your predicate.
I asked you a simple question. And I hope we're gonna get through it. Did he tell you what transpired in the two hour meeting?>> I've had a number of conversations with President Trump about what transpired in the meeting. I was also present when he and President Putin both gave us a sense of what they discussed in the meeting that followed immediately after.
>> Did you have any->> I also had the chance to speak with Sergey Lavrov, twice about the Russian view on what took place. I think I have a pretty complete understanding of what took place.>> Did you speak to the translator who was at that meeting?>> No, I haven't.
>> Have you seen of her notes?>> Senator, I have never. I have been in lots of meetings. I have lots of note-takers and lots of translators. I have never relied on the work that they did->> Did the president discuss->> For me to understand what took place in that meeting, and it does not need to be done here, and won't be.
>> Did the president discuss-
]>> When he had a chance, did he confront Putin and say, we don't recognize your annexation of Crimea, we don't->> Sir, the president was very clear with Vladimir Putin about US positions, or the US positions that are the Trump administration's positions, and he spoke about them very firmly and clearly when he met with Vladimir Putin.
>> And he told you that?>> Senator, I'm telling you what he had a conversation with Vladimir Putin about and I'm telling you what US policy is today. Senator, I understand the game that you're playing->> No, no, you know, Mr. Secretary, I hope the President laid out the consequences of interference in the 2018 election, but I know you can't tell me that, so you're not-
>> Actually I can tell you that.>> So you want to share that one with me.>> No, I can't just->> That one you want to share with me?>> No, Senator. I can tell you that because the President has disclosed that. The President disclosed what he said to Vladimir Putin about Russian interference in our elections and he said that he is confident that as a result of that conversation, Vladimir understands that it won't be tolerated.
>> I wish he had said that in public in Helsinki. Let me ask you this. Senator