FIRST AIRED: August 3, 2018

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>> You shouldn't be able to see this German farmer, but drought has all but wiped out a sunflower crop that should be 6 feet high.>>
> When there's no water, then nature gives up. We have to say that clearly. We will not have any significant harvest here.
>> He's not alone. Searing heat has blasted crops across northern Europe. The grain harvest in Germany, Europe's number two producer, was slumped 20% this year. Farmers have demanded a billion Euros in emergency aid. The European Commission said Thursday it would speed up payments to farmers though that may not go down well with those who already perceive them as heavily subsidized.
>> People in other industries would obviously say well, I have 12 losses and don't get me money either. But in fact that is inside European Union rules that farmers can be paid special aid in bad years because otherwise, they would simply close down and there would be no food security.
But obviously, it's a hard one for governments to decide.>> Britain, France, Denmark, Poland and Luthiania are among many others who's crops have wilted. Sweden's wheat crop is likely to drop 40%.>> It's not looking good, there's gonna be billions lost in exports. The European Union's a very large wheat and grain exporter around Europe, so there'll be a lot of money lost for the consumers.
And other sectors are being damaged, the potato crop is very seriously down. There's going to be probably a shortage of large potatoes for chip producers, and also animal feed for farmers is dramatically increasing in price.>> It has been months since it rained in parts of northern Europe, and forecasts show no signs of the heatwave abating.