FIRST AIRED: January 9, 2019

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>> Wake up.>> Voice controlled drones.>> Start recording.>> Dancing drones, resilient drones.>> I'm Reuters Jane Lahnee Lee here at CES inside the drone cage, and this is what I found. A flying cell phone case by Cell Fly. You just pop it out and boom, boom, boom, boom.
>> Entertained but not impressed by the tech? Well, that's kind of the state of consumer drones today say several drone makers here. For many of them, the future is building flying robots for businesses like Nightingale Security in Silicon Valley. Its drone is called Blackbird, and comes with a steel nest.
>> So the Blackbird has the ability to land precisely all by itself, and it's able to charge all by itself, so it's always ready for the next mission. And it communicates with other drones.>> And it's already on guard duty at a plant for a major car maker, at a data center for a major internet company and at a marijuana field.
Chinese drone company, Unique, started with expensive toys, but is changing its flight path>> Last year, we decided to develop an own division for commercial application drones for inspections, surveillance, agricultural applications, security.>> While regulation has held the commercial drone industry back, Yariv Bash, CEO of Flytrex thinks the Federal Aviation Administration drone pilot program launched last year will push things ahead when the government eventually gets back to work.
His company is part of a pilot in North Carolina.>> We expect to start delivering fast food, hamburgers, sushi, pizzas, to North Carolina. The pilot will start in a very limited way in just the next few months. And we'll start delivering food to people to their backyards.>> So expect to start seeing some drones zipping around this year.
And eventually, in the future, if regulations are relaxed, you may even get to ride around in one of these if you have 400 grand or even this giant drone unveiled here at CES.