FIRST AIRED: January 14, 2019

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Despite promises like this one->> By the way folks, some of you are in the coal world, your coal is coming back big, big, big, big.>> More coal-fired US power plants were shut in the first two years of President Donald Trump's presidency than in President Barack Obama's entire first term.
Trump rolled back environment rules in an effort to revive the industry, which blames Obama era regulations for coal's downfall. But it's not regulation that's causing its decline, rather competition. Reuters editor, David Gaffin.>> I mean, the reality is that coal's more expensive. It contains more time, more staff needed to keep those plants going compared to natural gas which is a little bit more easy.
And since nat gas has been so cheap for several years since the Shell boom started, which was around seven or eight years ago. It's become a more reliable and easier way for power companies to generate power. It's just much less expensive, and the dynamic just hasn't changed for coal.
It's more expensive and therefore it is sort of constantly in need of a life line.>> As for what's in store, power plants said they plan to shut more coal fired power while adding more megawatts of solar, wind, and gas. Since taking office, the Trump administration has pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Accord and is easing rules on emissions from power plants.
US emissions of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, spiked in 2018 after falling for the previous three years.