FIRST AIRED: January 21, 2019

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>> That's why I'm running for president of the United States. I'm running to lift those voices.>> US Democratic senator, Kamala Harris, on Monday declared she would seek her party's presidential nomination.>> Elections matter. Those people who win get to write the rules. Harris is still in her first term as California's junior senator.
She rose in the public eye for her grilling of Trump cabinet members.>> Did you have any communications with Russian officials for any reason during the campaign that have not been disclosed in public or to this committee?>> I don't recall it.>> I want you to be honest.
>> I'm not able to be rushed this fast. It makes me nervous.>> And her support for Christine Blasey Ford who accused Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, of sexual assault. You have been a true patriot.>> She's also emerged as a proponent of digital privacy, an area she first tackled as California's attorney general.
She spoke to Reuters in 2013 about protecting consumers.>> Are you downloading my contact list without me knowing about it?>> Right.>> Are you, through my GPS, tracking everywhere I go because although, I might like the benefit of the technology that does that, I don't want you knowing everywhere I go
>> Last year, she took Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, to task over a scandal where his firm shared users' data with a political consulting company.>> Senator, in retrospect, I think we clearly view it as a mistake that we didn't inform people.>> So there was a decision made on that basis not to inform the users, is that correct?
That's my understanding, yes.>> She has a long history with California's tech firms from her time as AG, and in 2013 said she worked well with the industry.>> It's been, I think, a very rare and wonderful example of industry and government working together to create a solution short of mass litigation and mass regulation.
>> As a candidate, she may be able to use that experience to tap the riches of Silicon Valley. But her background as a prosecutor could open her to attacks in the Democratic primary. Her office defended cops and police departments accused of abuse and misconduct. The rise of the Black Lives Matter movement pushed many in the party to demand tougher police oversight.
Harris has tried to cast herself as having been a progressive prosecutor, but some may demand she further reckon with her record.>> And we must hold on to the fact and the knowledge in our hearts, in our guts, we are better than this.>>
>> We are better than this.
>> Her campaign will have an office in Baltimore and one in Oakland.