FIRST AIRED: January 5, 2019

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>> US troops in Syria still don't know when they're going home after President Donald Trump surprise decision to pull out of the war-ravaged country but it probably won't be anytime soon. A senior state department official on Friday told Reuters the US has no timeline for withdrawing roughly 2,000 American troops.
A sign they could remain there until the fight against Islamic state militants is over.>> They're all coming back and they're coming back now.>> Trump announced the pull out last month against the wishes of then Defense Secretary James Mattis who resigned in protest over the move.>> They don't want to leave until the job is done.
>> Trump's Republican allies blasted the idea, saying ISIS had not been defeated as Trump claimed.>> We've beaten them, and we've beaten them badly.>> Trump responded that Turkey and Russia, among others, might finish the job. But sources told Pentagon correspondent Idrees Ali, Trump's earlier vow to bring the troops home immediately is being reconsidered.
>> Now, our understanding is that it's gonna happen over the coming months, not immediate. But the thing is it's gone back and forth so much that it's quite unclear, but at this point it stands that it's gonna take months and not weeks. So there is a bit more leeway in the timeline that had earlier been suggested by the President.
>> Since the announcement, Syrian democratic forces combatting ISIS have continued their fight with US back up still in place.>> From our understanding and from our reporting, the US is continuing to support the SDF as they sort of take those remaining villages. And with air strikes, artillery strikes and those are the things.
So we suspect that support will continue until the shot moving out.>> Officials say the STF captured a Syrian town on January 2nd after retaking another on Christmas day. The US led coalition also carried out more than 450 airstrike over a two week period in December destroying hundred of fighting positions.
Trump on Wednesday told reporters the troop withdrawal would be, quote, over a period of time.>> We're talking about sand and death.>> With the State Department saying troops would not be staying indefinitely.