FIRST AIRED: January 12, 2019

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so we want Congress to do its job let's open up government let's have a civilized debate Americans can be forgiven for thinking that negotiations to end the shutdown would be going somewhere after all this time but that assumes the two sides are really engaged in negotiation at all will look what's going on really is not where you can call a negotiation and gauche ation is when each side starts giving something trump is basically said I want my five million dollars for the wall and he is not backed off that demand in the past when we've seen the shutdown dramas weather over tax cuts or health care the two sides have ultimately given ground leading to an eventual deal this is different because we saw this week Donald Trump went in to meet with that Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi he said give me the wall they said no and that's where we are will unfortunately the president just got up and walked down and %HESITATION %HESITATION the present basically took his ball and went home they could solve this problem in literally fifteen minutes Democrats basically are seeing it as something that they're not going to give into because it represents what Donald Trump and his bass supporters want there's a better way a more effective way to secure our borders similar trump doesn't feel like he can give ground on the concept of a wall because he has no fixed himself to that concept ever since his %HESITATION campaign began this is common sense they need a barrier they did a wall the biggest problem is nobody knows what Donald Trump will sign nobody knows what he ultimately wants and it may end up coming around to this idea of trump declaring a national emergency if they can't do it I will declare , a national emergency I think there's a strong feeling on the hill right now among both Republicans and Democrats they don't necessarily want to see the president take that step because the president that it would set so that may ultimately be a motivating factor for both sides to cut some sort of deal and we're going to take care of it