FIRST AIRED: January 14, 2019

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>> President Trump has gone after Turkey's economy again, and is warning to unleash, quote, economic devastation on his NATO ally, if they attack the Kurdish fighters backed by the US in Syria. The remarks on Twitter alone, immediately weakened the Turkish Lira and prompted sharp criticism from
>> We've had several times that we are not going to be afraid of any threat and will not bow down to it.
>> Those remarks caused the Lira to slide as much as 1.6% against the dollar. And it comes at a time when Turkey's economy is at risk of sliding into a recession. Many here will remember last year's diplomatic crisis between the two countries. Which helps plunge the Lira to a record low last August, after Trump imposed sanctions on two of President Erdogan's ministers, and raised tariffs on Turkish Metalek sports.
It does beg the question, whether we could be heading for another tit for tat trade war.>> Relations have been chilled ever since the US decided to back the Kurdish YPG, in the fight against Islamic State. Turkey views the group as terrorists, and an extension of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party, the PKK.
It's all come to a head, since Trump announced he was pulling troops out of Syria. Questions remain about the face of the Kurdish fighters, and also what happens to weapons given to them by the states. Trump also suggested a 20 mile safe zone, but hasn't given any further details about what that would mean.
Turkey's Foreign Minister, said he wasn't against the idea of a secure zone along the border, but also added the strategic partners should not communicate policy over social media.