FIRST AIRED: January 15, 2019

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>> I never worked for Russia, and you know that answer better than anybody. I never worked for Russia.>> Donald Trump on Monday defended himself to the press, three days after the New York Times reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had open a probe into whether the American President may have been working on behalf of Moscow.
>> Not only did not ever work for Russia, I think its a disgrace that you even asked that question.>> The New York Times said the FBI launched the unprecedented probe after Trump fired director James Comey in 2017. Comey at the time oversaw the investigation into alleged Russian efforts to tilt the 2016 presidential election toward Trump.
The FBI worried that firing Comey could be an attempt to obstruct. Not just a potential criminal investigation into possible links between the Trump campaign and Moscow, but to stop the FBI from learning more about Russian intelligence operations and interference in the US. Trump on Monday, lashed out at Comey.
>> I have done a great service for our country when I fired James Comey, because he was a bad cop and he was a dirty cop. And he lied, he really lied.>> The bombshell revelation from The Times is followed by reporting in The Washington Post that Trump went to unusual lengths to conceal notes from his meetings with Russian President, Vladimir Putin.
Trump over the weekend said he was not keeping anything under wraps. On Monday, he did not address the issue head on.>> But I have those meetings one on one with all leaders, including the President of China, including Prime Minister of Japan Abe. We have those meetings all the time, no big deal.
>> Trump's presidency has been overshadowed by an intelligence community assessment that Russia used so-called active measures to sway the 2016 election. In the wake of the race Trump and his aides have often revised, and sometimes reversed their accounts of the extent of their personal and business ties to Russia.
>> I have no dealings with Russia. I have no deals in Russia.>> But Trump had to backtrack after his former lawyer Michael Cohen told prosecutors Trump pursued a real estate project in Moscow while running for president.>> This deal was a very public deal. Everybody knows about this deal.
I wasn't trying to hide anything, okay?>> Special council Robert Mueller took over the FBI investigation after Trump fired Comey. Democrats in Congress said they were considering issuing a subpoena for Trump's interpreter from his meetings with Putin.