FIRST AIRED: February 21, 2019

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being the world's biggest shipping company isn't so great when there's a trade war on chairs and Danish John Musker down over ten percent on Thursday twenty eighteen earnings not the problem they were about as expected so I'm just back from %HESITATION from a press briefing with the %HESITATION with the chief executive %HESITATION son skull that's what is your full grown hold Pedersen at most head quarters in Copenhagen but what %HESITATION investors didn't like was the outlook for the two thousand and nineteen especially their %HESITATION their expectations of of growth in %HESITATION in global trade with sissy at between one and three percent which is lower much lower than than last year and last and almost six percent growth in %HESITATION in two thousand seventeen economists keep a close so I'll miss when it struggles that's usually a sign that global trade is in trouble now it's bleak outlook suggests that US China tensions all taking a real toll on worldwide growth time is running short ahead of a March one deadline for resolving the two countries dispute failure to reach a deal could see US tariffs on many Chinese goods jumped to twenty five percent musk's bosses were you know this president Donald Trump also plans a showdown with Europe say in particular he was worried about %HESITATION increased tariffs on on because %HESITATION because %HESITATION many of these costs and and possible because they're carried by container which is a big business high level talks between China and the U. S. taking place this week in Washington sources told which is Thursday that there has been significant progress must won't be alone in hoping that is true