FIRST AIRED: February 21, 2019

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U. K. banks standard chartered says it set aside and nine hundred million dollars to cover several fines money it's liable to pay both to US and British regulators the bank announced that on Thursday it's been under scrutiny for several years for a number of alleged breaches that includes an investigation into pasta violations of U. S. sanctions rate secretly moved billions through the U. S. free rainy and custom as was his semi chastity is deputy finance that it's set in Hong Kong is a major development first on a shot in the sense that the bank for the first time this quantifying the cost of some of the issues are are the %HESITATION misconduct allegations of of the previous eras %HESITATION %HESITATION the provisions relates to the violations are alike alleged violations of Iran related sanctions in the US and some four X. trading issues in the UK the bank has been %HESITATION world %HESITATION battling performance issue this is been lacking its peers including and just because in the last couple of years the announcement of the provisions comes at a time when the bank is going to announce its major strategy overhaul of there's a lot of concerns about the economic slowdown especially in China which is the biggest market for the bank on the other hand some optimism about investors that this provision will help the banks to clear up some of his misconduct related charges in the past and move ahead it's not the first investigation into the bank's dealings with a run in twenty twelve the bank paid more than six hundred million dollars to settle violations now regulates the looking at how much it continued Yvonne links business off the two thousand seven and whether it kept breaking the rules often paid the first fine chief executive bill winters is expected to unveil the operations over hold on Tuesday along with twenty eighteen earnings