FIRST AIRED: February 21, 2019

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an end to the US China trade war may finally be more than just talk sources on Wednesday exclusively told Reuters that negotiators from both sides in Washington DC are actually starting to put commitments down on paper the trade war began seven months ago when US president Donald Trump demanded China create a more level playing field for American companies doing business there the result a **** for tat terror for affecting hundreds of billions of dollars worth of goods but now the outline of a deal to end to the standoff is in the works writers Jeff Mason says negotiators are drying up six memorandums of understanding that deal with the thorniest issues that are both sides have said before that progress is being made but this is clearer evidence of the fact that they're actually making some specific progress on specific issues that have hurt the relationship between China the United States on trade structural issues such as intellectual property theft cyber theft and the force to transfer of technology from companies from the U. S. were doing business in China negotiators are rushing to hammer out a deal before March first the end of a ninety day truce that trump and Chinese president xi Jinping agreed to last year included in the talks ideas on how to enforce any agreement made Washington once regular reviews to make sure Beijing is keeping up its end of the bargain despite the new optimism one source cautioned that the talks could still end in failure or negotiators could decide that they simply needed more time the president did say this week that he is open to the possibility of extending that deadline that said %HESITATION the source of one of the key sources that both sides Chinese and US officials were operating under the assumption that the deadline was a hard one top negotiators from both sides including US trade representative Robert Bly Heiser and Chinese vice premier the old school will join new higher level talks on Thursday