FIRST AIRED: February 13, 2019

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well the once powerful leader of the Sinaloa cartel Joaquina chapel whose mind may spend the rest of his life in a US prison it's criminal enterprise has continued to thrive despite his absence maintaining its place as one of the most powerful drug organizations in the world and the proof is in the tens of thousands of pounds of drugs detected at the border year after year multiplying more than nine times in volume over the last decade writers correspondence Diana Beth Solomon tells us why knocking off the campaign has done little to stifle the cartel after his mom was arrested his partner known as O. meio took over the operations for the Sinaloa cartel and he is still at large and he's helped make the cartel even more powerful than before they've diversified into other types of crimes and the DA says they have the biggest presence for distributing drugs on the streets of the United States during goes month absence the violence in Mexico has actually gotten worse with murders climbing to unprecedented levels in twenty eighteen the first full year since whose minds extradition murders rose thirty three percent breaking the record for a second year running Mexico as really struggle to bring down the levels of violence and killings in the country and they've been mostly focus on the military led technique against the cartels especially the king pens but that has led to even more violence with the cartel splintering into smaller groups of all battles for control residents and that is mine willow but so but I lord has declared the war against drug traffickers officially over and instead of going after king pins like a chapel he's exploring other ways to bring down homicides including crop substitution for illicit crops relaxing prohibition and even amnesties for low level drug dealers and farmers