FIRST AIRED: February 13, 2019

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I can't say I'm thrilled president Donald Trump is weighing his options after a bipartisan group of lawmakers reached a tentative budget deal to avert another possible government shutdown as the clock ticks toward a midnight Friday deadline when funding runs out for several major agencies at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday trump said he didn't like the deal proposed by congressional negotiators but trump did not reject it outright Reuters political reporter ginger Gibbs and at this point so close to the deadline the easiest option for our president trump would be to just accept the deal and move on save this is the best that he can get from members of Congress that a bipartisan negotiating process produces steel and then he's basically stuck with it %HESITATION and accepted and signed it into law the deal proposed by congressional negotiators offers one point three seven billion dollars for a border barrier far less than the five point seven billion he has demanded I am extremely unhappy with what the Democrats have given us president trump or to reject the deal that they have struck it is very likely we would enter another government shutdown this is unlikely to be enough time for them to re draft a new deal passively both chambers and get it signed I would hope that there will be shut down and even though Democrats support the compromise deal trump said he wouldn't take the blame if the government shuts down this would be totally other Democrats another possible option which is unpopular with Democrats and Republicans would be to approve the deal but also declare a national emergency the president could pull the trigger on his threats to declare a national emergency and find the money elsewhere in the federal government to pay for the wall he could do this simultaneously with either signing or rejecting the deal he would be able to he argues use money that is currently appropriate to the army corps of engineers and to have essentially the Pentacon build the wall the bottom line , it is on the wall with building a wall and were using other methods other than this and in addition to this we have a lot of things going