FIRST AIRED: February 12, 2019

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American unemployment is near the lowest in half a century job openings are at a record high and despite a slump in the housing market the rest of the economy is just humming along all enough reason for the federal reserve chairman droll Powell to reassure investors Tuesday that as far as recession fears go there's nothing to see here rotors fed watcher Jonathan Spicer the fed chair said if you didn't already know it that he does not see an elevated risk of a recession in the United States seemingly trying to put an arm's length or to dispel any potential %HESITATION worries that when the fed shifted to a pause to a neutral position that that is what was motivating that he wanted to emphasize that and say there isn't anything grim about this policy decision it's just that we want to take a wait and see approach for perhaps six months or so that wait and see approach came a few weeks ago when the fed indicated it might not raise interest rates at all this year despite Powell's assurances New York fed released data Tuesday showed dark clouds are forming on the horizon student loan delinquencies which jumped in the third quarter remained high in the fourth quarter that's potentially problematic %HESITATION we also had %HESITATION far fewer %HESITATION requests for new credit %HESITATION in the last six months %HESITATION in the %HESITATION of two thousand eighteen %HESITATION that suggests that the consumers just aren't looking for %HESITATION %HESITATION to take on more debt %HESITATION but we have risky or Bora Bora worse younger riskier borrowers who are driving off the lots with new cars and and that could %HESITATION foretell problems %HESITATION ahead another red flag higher interest credit card debt matched its pre crisis peak late last year all signs the mighty U. S. consumer may be stretched too thin and with consumer spending responsible for two thirds of all economic activity economists point out anything that , potentially points to trouble for the consumer ultimately hinted trouble for the entire economy