FIRST AIRED: February 27, 2019

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well US president Donald Trump tries to negotiate a denuclearization deal with north Korean leader Kim Jong hoon some at the Pentagon are preparing for the worst studying ways to thwart a potential north Korean missile attack by using F. thirty five fighter jets to pick off freshly launched rockets waiters correspondent Mike stone has the story so the F. thirty five is a fifth generation low rate are observable jet it's a stealthy jet and what they're contemplating doing is putting an air to air missile typically called an Amram into the weapons bay of the F. thirty five and flying a bunch of them in a holding pattern sort of on a patrol off the coast of North Korea in order to shoot down %HESITATION ICBMs or any other type of missile potentially %HESITATION that would come out in North Korea experiment would aim to defeat missiles in their boost phase meaning the two hundred or so seconds shortly after takeoff as opposed to intercepting them once already in space the current mode of US defense albeit this is only a six month passed but it could lead to some greater capability that would be a genuine way to defeat a missile in its boost phase a capability of the United States currently dies and really half and by using existing military hardware it could potentially be up and running faster and cost less than developing new technologies to believe the Pentagon likes to come out of the box with a signed sealed and delivered plan what's interesting about this is they're willing to scratch their heads and say gosh could this work could we put a super fast interceptor inside the weapons bay of a stealthy F. thirty five and fly it on orbit off of North Korea the plants came out in the Pentagon's missile defense review in the works for about a year and release just last month before the second trump Kim summit in theory , the north Korean negotiators would have popped poured through that document and seen that there is a nearer term missile to feet idea that's being floated by the United States negotiators on the north Korean side may see this as a factor that could weigh on how they how much money they want to spend on developing more ICBMs more nuclear %HESITATION weapons and and more rocket engines in order to test all those capabilities two years ago North Korea conducted about a dozen missile tests including the launch of a suspected intercontinental ballistic missiles that could hit the US mainland