FIRST AIRED: February 25, 2019

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okay in the world it's the picture hungry as prime minister has long promoted three kids three rooms four wheels judicial elections the house with her two year old she's expecting a second child would like it the **** whilst welcoming a new government programs offering payout from tax cuts the mother of the family says that isn't enough in itself on in our case I think you need to have the intentions anyway you need to want this and if you do then it frees you from all financial doubts well you do get the feeling in his state of the nation address fix to open an ounce of package Bungaree in women with at least two children giving them tax cuts grants and subsidies tasting up to a hundred and thirty five thousand dollars mothers of four or more could get the biggest payouts is open space to increase hungry population and fight told immigration labor three some people heading west of cult numbers by one million to nine point eight million within a generation fueling labor shortages but experts say the initiative is unlikely to work as I believe that the the take up %HESITATION the a B. Y. lo quite moderate the overall economic impact is %HESITATION is going to be similarly %HESITATION limit that according to my expectations the program has also frustrated some including the jobless less well off tax subsidies and loans or no relevance for them this mother of three says it isn't simply a question of money that though and I'm a nurse without lots of help from grandma's babies is and stop raising four kids is impossible if you have four kids you can only work part time and few employees allow that , average fertility rates of above two point one children per woman but generally required for population growth hungry stands at one point five one expert said it's unlikely to rise beyond one point seven just because opens eighth package