FIRST AIRED: February 20, 2019

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amid growing alarm over the health of the planet and how to save it there's a weird rubbery sea creature that's doing its part it's called a sea squirt it has the ability to filter tiny particles from the ocean including micro plastics and store them in its soft tissue officially known as a city and the seas court is considered by most to be a nuisance with an irritating habit of clinging to ships and invading beaches but Israeli researchers see an ally in the fight against pollution ascidians or amazing organisms there the the their invertebrates the just a stay in one place all their life and they fill the water so it's basically basically like our farm filtering whatever went in the water during all their life scientists believe sea squirts could help measure plastic pollution and analyze its impact on all kinds of environments as these resilient blobs can thrive in dirty industrial areas in pristine waters alike we can use the same organism the same species in different geographic regions and we and the Sabians we belong to the same phyla where court dates although we don't look alike at all but we have similar systems so if we learn how the plastic influence these animals maybe we can understand better how they might influence other organisms that belong to the same phylum court dates the United Nations estimates that the amount of plastic that flows into the ocean each year is equivalent to dumping a full garbage trucks worth into the water every minute a rate some estimates show could lead to oceans carrying more plastic than fish in thirty years these researchers thing studying the sea squirt and the plastic inside them could be more insightful than looking at other creatures like Fisher clams and give them a fuller picture of how ecosystems deal with waste that never disappears it's funny , that we A. as humans is invented %HESITATION %HESITATION material that consists lasts for hundreds and thousands of years and then we use it as a single use products quit for adults