FIRST AIRED: February 20, 2019

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alpha bits Google revealed on Wednesday it had made an error when it failed to disclose that its nest home security system has a built in microphone causing a stir among consumers concerned about their privacy you have three minutes to exit users found out that the microphone existed only after Google announced earlier this month that it would be adding a voice activated the Google assistant feature which would require a microphone which as users later found out was already in the device Hey Google what time is it Reuters correspondent Paresh divvy there's certainly a lot of concern that the microphone might have been recording things all along %HESITATION Google says that was not the case the microphones have never been activated %HESITATION and won't be activated unless users go in an opt in to turn it on an undisclosed microphone presents major problems for Google with consumers wary of privacy violations by tech companies users expect to know what they're buying when they buy these consumer devices and bring all these devices into their homes they want to know if they have cameras if they have microphones %HESITATION and Google's failure to say that there was a microphone in this device %HESITATION is a pretty big blunder cool is already suffering from the same issues as Facebook or privacy lapses in data breaches are leading consumers to second guess sharing data with these large tech companies %HESITATION and this latest incident could just add to that concerned %HESITATION they Google and Facebook are not being up front with the data that they collect on their users Google's product page has since been updated to include the microphone the company says its main purpose was to detect troubling noises like the sound of breaking glass Google Bach nest which was initially known for its smart thermostat device back in two thousand and fourteen for three point two billion dollars anymore products